Well we finally had a week of dry weather, and it could not of come at abetter time. We had had the ground phoughed for a week or so. When we got a phone call at 5:00 pm. From Sunnyhurst Nurseries just to let us know that the first of the early cabbage would be arriving in the morning.We plant the cabbage four rows on a 60 ins (152.5cm) butt. They are 14 ins (35.5cm) apar The plants are grown in peat blocks. Every plant as to be put in the ground by hand Many thanks to S. S. A. Agricultural Services for getting the staff to us at such short notice.Lettuce can be grown in fields or in greenhouses. For field lettuce, lettuce is seeded in a greenhouse and planted out as soon as the bed can be prepared. Some producers precision seed the lettuce directly into the field. Leaf lettuce is harvested about 50 days after planting while head lettuce takes closer to 75 days. Lettuce is planted in consecutive plantings so that there is a supply available throughout the growing season. That is, as soon as the first planting has germinated and emerged, the second planting is seeded. Head lettuce is harvested with the help of a mechanical harvesting aid, whereas the leaf lettuces are usually harvested by hand into cartons in the field.In greenhouses, the lettuce is seeded in peat blocks and transplanted to the final media in 2 to 3 weeks in the summer or 4 to 6 weeks in the winter. The most common kind of lettuce grown in greenhouses is butterhead lettuce, which is loose heads of tender, rounded leaves. It is mature at 150 to 300g a head. The full cycle takes 6 to 7 weeks in summer and 10 to 12 weeks in the winter.


Welcome to Brow Farm were we hope to show you some of the fresh vegetables, salads and root crops grown at Brow Farm. Why not have a look around this web site to see how we grow some of the food that ends up on your table. (Potatoes, carrots, wheat, lettuce, leeks, cabbage, onions, barley, broccoli, cauliflower, barley, oats, wheatgrass) and much more.
Recipes using lettuce Information about lettuce  

Planting ice berg lettuce plants. This is the second crop of lettuce on this field this year.


( Picture taken 01 August)


We plant the Lettuce four rows on a 72 ins (182cm) butt. They are 11ins (27cm) apart.


( Picture taken 01 August )

Here red lettuce are bying cut into plastic trays. They will then be taken to the pack house were they will be used in loose leaf salads.

The Lettuce are cut by S. S. A. Agricultural Services


( Picture taken 14 March )

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