Potatoes grown for washing by P. Caunce & Son for the whole sale and retail markets. See the crop growing in the fields of P. Caunce & Son at Brow Farm. (Nadine, Cara, Estima, Nicola) all grown for washing grading and packing. Also supplying Desiree, Fambo, Harmony, Robinta, Charlotte, King Edwards, Maris Piper, Navan, Wilja, Sante, Saxon, Romano, Pentland Dell, Maris Peer, Marfona, Pentland Crown, Penta) POTATOES. We are also PRODUCE BROKERS. P. Caunce & Son, potatoes, washed potatoes, ware potatoes, whole sale, retail, baby roasters, mids, best washed potatoes, mids, bakers, washed whites, washed reds, Nadine, Cara, Estima, Nicola, Desiree, Fambo, Harmony, Robinta, Charlotte, King Edwards, Maris Piper, Navan, Wilja, Sante, Saxon, Romano, Pentland Dell, Maris Peer, Marfona, Pentland Crown, Penta, brow farm, P. Caunce & Son......... We finally made a start getting the ground ready for planting potatoes. We are more than a month late this year because of all the wet weather we have had. We plant potatoes on 72 ins butts. Four rows on a butt. They are planted at deferent distance's apart depending on what the crop is being grow for and what variety is being planted. The potatoes are picked up in cups and placed in a furrow by the potato planting machines. The seed potatoes are kept in 1 ton bulk bags after they have been graded and the rejects have been removed. They are then treated to stop them from going rotten and from getting any diseases before they are planted. Rain showers and sun shine seem to be the order of the day. It shows how long a farming year is we are harvesting and washing last years crop in one field. Then planting this years crop in the next field. The Cara are now ready for rouging up then they will be sprayed for blight this will be the second application in the blight spray program. It will be a stemic spray we use which means the plant takes the spray into the leaf. This is only used in the early stage of plant grow. After this a contact spray is used the plant does not take this up so it does not get into the leaf or the tubers as they grow. Spraying the Nadine for blight. Depending on the weather condition we spray for blight every 10 to 14 days, and has close as 7 days if the weather is hot and damp. This is ideal for the spread of blight. The Estima tops are long sins dead we sprayed them of over a mouth ago. You can also see that meadow grass is growing on the top of the butts now that it can get light. Also along side were the harvester as left the tops and weeds when we dug the potatoes This is the first time we have been able to lift potatoes in over a week. We have had to start a new field. The field is not the moss land so we can not bring of large loads in the trailers or they will just go down with it being so soft on this kind of land. The potatoes we digging here are Nadine. More heavy rain is forecast so we may not be digging for long. It's finally dried enough for us to make a start at harvesting the potatoes we had to leave in the field last year. We were surprised as to how well they came out of the ground. Our thinking was that the frost and wet whether would of coursed a lot more to rot away in the ground.
Welcome to Brow Farm were we hope to show you some of the fresh vegetables, salads and root crops grown at Brow Farm. Why not have a look around this web site to see how we grow some of the food that ends up on your table. (Potatoes, carrots, wheat, lettuce, leeks, cabbage, onions, barley, broccoli, cauliflower, barley, oats, wheatgrass) and much more.
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This year we are trying other ways of burning off potatoes. (Stopping them from growing anymore) There are two reasons we are trying other methods one is that we feel that acid is a very savage way to kill potato tops has it does not have any regard for the wildlife that lives in the crop that is to be sprayed and also we think it will be removed from use within the next five years. It will not be removed for environmental reasons but because it is a very bulky chemical and if it was removed from use it would be like using a fifth less chemicals on the land, and would make the powers that be! look better. The fact that it is a lot less of a pollutant than other chemicals that can be used for the same job has little to do with it.

On this field we went for the flail and spray method. This is where we flail off the tops to a length of around 150mm. Then we sprayed with them to kill of the stems.

Of all the methods we use this gives the fasted results.
( Picture taken 16 July)

flail and spray Clive

Here we are wind-rowing potatoes. This is a way of storing them for the winter in the field. An old potato harvester as been altered to do this job.


(Picture taken 5 November)


wind_rowing machine

The potatoes are sorted from the soil by the machine. Then the machine makes a trench and the potatoes are placed in it. The trench is then filled in with around 30 cm depth of soil. This field of potatoes will be left till the spring before they are harvested to be washed.

We can not do this on all our fields because some of the sandy and heavier land does not protect the crop from frost over the winter, and the ground seams to stain the potatoes when they are left in it for any length of time. So it's as they say "horse's for course's"


(Picture taken 5 November)


wind-rowing potatoes

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